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Media Resources

Call 713-500-3030 if you would like to schedule an interview with faculty, students, or staff in any of the schools on the 鶹 Houston campus, in addition to the John S. Dunn Behavioral Sciences Center at 鶹 Houston, , clinics operated by , , and , and other patient care or research facilities.

Style Guidelines

In print publications and on the web, the appropriate reference for the institution is 鶹 Houston.

Note: 鶹 Houston has no space between “UT” and “Health.”

For Houston TV broadcasts, 鶹 Houston is preferred for use on Chyrons or supers. 

When referencing an individual school or clinical practice, which are part of 鶹 Houston, the reference should be linked to 鶹 Houston. Options include:

  • McGovern Medical School at 鶹 Houston
  • UT Physicians, the clinical practice of McGovern Medical School at 鶹 Houston
  • Cizik School of Nursing at 鶹 Houston
  • UT Health Services, the primary and occupational health clinic led by Cizik School of Nursing at 鶹 Houston
  • 鶹 Houston School of Public Health
  • McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics at 鶹 Houston
  • 鶹 Houston School of Behavioral Health Sciences
  • 鶹 Houston School of Dentistry
  • UT Dentists, the faculty practice of 鶹 Houston School of Dentistry
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center 鶹 Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Co-branding with 鶹 Houston’s primary teaching hospitals

If applicable, in print, please reference both 鶹 Houston and the primary teaching hospital.

  • Example: Dr. John Smith, a professor with McGovern Medical School at 鶹 Houston, is an attending physician at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

For TV broadcasts, the preferred use on Chyrons and supers is:

  • 鶹 Houston/Memorial Hermann
  • 鶹 Houston/Children’s Memorial Hermann
  • 鶹 Houston/Harris Health LBJ Hospital
  • 鶹 Houston/UT Physicians (research)
  • UT Physicians/鶹 Houston (clinics)

Quick Facts

Established in 1972 by The University of Texas System Board of Regents, The University of 鶹 Center at Houston (鶹 Houston) is Texas’ resource for health care education, innovation, scientific discovery and excellence in patient care. The most comprehensive academic health center in the UT System and the U.S. Gulf Coast region, 鶹 Houston is home to Jane and Robert Cizik School of Nursing, John P. and Kathrine G. McGovern Medical School, D. Bradley McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics, and schools of biomedical sciences, dentistry, public health, and behavioral health sciences. 鶹 Houston includes the John S. Dunn Behavioral Sciences Center and 鶹 Houston Harris County Psychiatric Center, as well as the growing clinical practices UT Physicians, UT Dentists, and UT Health Services. The university’s primary teaching hospitals are Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, and Harris Health Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. For more information, visit

Media Contacts

Deborah Mann Lake, Director of Media Relations and Social Media
Office: 713-500-3304

Jeannette Sanchez, Manager of Media Relations
Office: 713-500-3042

Halle Jones, Media Relations Specialist
Office: 713-500-3307

Angela Douglas, Social Media Specialist
Office: 713-500-4041

鶹 Houston

Media Hotline

The 鶹 Houston Media Relations Team is available 24/7 to help journalists develop story ideas, identify the best news sources and arrange interviews on topics including innovative patient care, leading-edge research, and breaking news in health care.